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"Our world, life and communities change every day. Family homes and community environments become multi-purpose, both personal and shared. ‘Smart your life’ encapsulates our vision, our interpretation of authentic Italian skills and lifestyle."

Gianmaria Mezzalira MIG announces the acquisition of Sitland, Italian company leader in the field of design seating.

Sitland, a company founded in 1977 in Vicenza, produces seating for the office, the community, multifunctional, sofas and armchairs for contract and waiting areas or for the house, armchairs for auditorium and theatres, as well as collections of furnishing accessories such as poufs and design tables.

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The question may seem obvious, but there are so many clichés that revolve around the concept of being smart that I think it is best to clarify. In your opinion, what does it mean to be smart today?

Everyone has a personal definition of smart. Flexibility, customisation, interaction and connectivity are all smart elements. Including them all in a single product is certainly no easy task. In my opinion, a smart product is a next-generation product, linked to new technologies that guarantee high connectivity and personalisation.

Davide Fiorese
COO e Managing Director Sitland


What advantages have you experienced in being part of a group of companies?

It means having contact with other organisations that you can dialogue with, it means sharing information and having more structured relationships. You have access to a larger platform and, from this position, you can exchange experience and knowledge, as well as suppliers and materials, both incredibly advantages in terms of optimisation. You also have new opportunities to use centralised services that you could not access before. You can also share physical - and even virtual - spaces and services.

Stefano Wegher
Managing Director Rotaliana


Team Innovation Center, the working group that involves all four companies, what does it do and what makes it special?

It is a strategic team that includes a variety of professional figures. The team has representatives from research and development, marketing, commercial and production teams from each of the Group’s four companies. The team performs an important role in developing new ideas and products, sharing all the skills, experiences and information from each company. Not to mention production technology and suppliers. This allows us to understand each of the companies better, from their creative and production potential, as well as to share and develop new ideas together.

Alberto Foscarini
Engineering Manager Sitland (“Team Innovation Center”)


What is the true value of being part of a group?

A Group is of value only if people are encouraged to collaborate with colleagues from other companies, to share information and know-how and to find solutions to develop new products and services. Bringing people together undoubtedly has its benefits, but it is a very complicated process that I have invested a lot of time in. The corporate events we organize regularly help people to get to know each other and to blend all the elements of our companies together: from managers to labourers.

Gianmaria Mezzalira
Founder & CEO Mezzalira Investment Group


What is the role of man when digital technology is used within a company? In other words, how do man and machine complement each other?

For us, doing things by hand is still important. Automation is fine, but we cannot lose the art of making things by hand. Our employees have three extremely important things: their hands, their heads and their hearts. To offer our client a perfect product takes know-how, skills, experience and passion. This is the only way to achieve perfect stitching. This is Italy, this is what makes us who we are. The challenge is to find the right balance between artisanry and industrialisation. We need artisans that can do manual work, solve problems and use the latest technology. We need artisans 4.0. Together, man and machine are a winning combination, and in the future, augmented reality could provide us an excellent tool.

Davide Fiorese
COO e Managing Director Sitland


What is the value of investing in design, quality, and innovation, both stylistic and typological, today?

We consider innovation in technology and design as fundamental. After experience as third-party producers when we first started the company, we were amazing producers but we had no catalogue to speak for us, now investing in design, quality and innovation is essential. Giving an aesthetic dimension to technical products: this is the mission of Rotaliana.

Stefano Wegher
Managing Director Rotaliana


What does wellness mean for you? What elements or conditions represent wellness in your mind?

You have to seek out wellness 24 hours a day, including time spent in the office, we are always there! It is important to feel good in the workplace. Wellness is determined by our interaction with the objects that surround us, and the majority of stress in our lives is transmitted through sight, making light a determining factor. At Rotaliana, we have developed a “biodynamic” light that follows and compliments the evolution of your status during the day. A lamp should have an effect on people and it should adapt to their mood and needs at any time of day.

Gianmaria Mezzalira
Founder & CEO Mezzalira Investment Group


Products for the near future? What is your vision?

To create chairs that can analyse postures in order to offer people maximum comfort. Chairs that are able to gather information on what it needs to improve in order to offer increasingly customised comfort. Increasingly intelligent chairs inside smart and interconnected offices: this will give rise to work spaces in where you can cook and houses where you can work. Smart working means working a little from everywhere but always being connected.

Davide Fiorese
COO e Managing Director Sitland

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