Contract Division

In MIG Special attention is dedicated to the world contract. for that was born the MIG Contract Division, able to offer complete solutions and Integrated for every need arredativa Both commercial and residential, Supporting the customer from the idea, to the project, to the realization.

Today, the division offers its services and competences in many fields: from the interiors of hotels to residences, from the places of the community to the places of art, with the capacity to intervene in the most contemporary contexts.

From the design

Skills and talents cross-consolidated experience

The team of Contract Division It brings together competences and talents of consolidated experience, who share the same passion for creativity and quality, and who accompany the client and his team of designers from the very first phase of dialogue up to the accomplished realization.

To the realization

An end-to-end service that supports the customer from start to finish

The working methodology develops in step Well defined where the relationship with the architect or the designer becomes a starting point for a continuous dialogue. Once the production phase has also been completed, MIG works alongside the designer and his team for the installation of the furnishings.

Design Phases

The success of each project is the result of the ability to listen and advice from MIG to the client and its designers. A teamwork that develops and organizes itself over time.



The strength of the MIG commercial team, based on a wide portfolio of brands and a consolidated design competence, is the ideal interlocutor to provide customers with solutions and products of a wide range.



Once the customer needs have been transposed, a detailed briefing is formalized, which considers the outcome of the inspections carried out by the commercial together with the customer's team of designers.



The architects and designers of the Division contract, together with the sales managers, elaborate a broad project, drawing on the widest range of products in the catalogue and formulating solutions customization.



The chosen design choices are shared and discussed with the customer to be examined according to the needs and budgets, with the aim of optimizing the costs and customizing the solutions to the maximum.



Once the final project has been approved, the furnishings are carried out, in constant relation with the project managers who can verify every step of the production process.



The MIG staff is responsible for verifying and installing products and furnishings on site, verifying their correctness and providing their technical skills for maximum customer satisfaction.


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