The Group

MIG - Mezzalira Investment Group is a continuously expanding Italian industrial group that unites some of the best furniture manufacturers and engineering firms.

Founded by Gianmaria Mezzalira in 2016, in Northeast Italy, in just a few years MIG has proved to be a unique, dynamic business. Its aim is to be an international player representing Italian excellence in the design and contract trades, using synergies that enhance the special features of each individual brand in the group. Through a new approach to the market, MIG has developed a business model centred on management, industrial and distribution synergies among the group companies, which thereby increase their potential in terms of competences, ability to innovate, and effective selling power. Keeping each company’s identity intact, MIG motivates its young team to provide a transversal series of products, backed by a manufacturing culture deeply rooted in its territory, where craftsmanship and ingenuity have created an industry featuring technology and manual skills, efficiency and attention to detail.



Be a global partner for the world contract and retail, able to offer to international markets innovative design solutions and a complete range of furniture, is the mission of MIG- Mezzalira Investment Group. Starting from an undisputed design and realization quality, MIG benefits from the synergies Intergroup To develop industrial co-operations, consolidate a broad portfolio of competences, push research through technological innovation and improve its commercial effectiveness.

Our companies

Sinonimo di made in Italy, unisce eleganza, competenza, creatività con uno spirito contemporaneo.

La missione dell’azienda è quella di soddisfare ogni esigenza abitativa grazie ad un’offerta completa e flessibile di prodotti e servizi per la casa, il contract e la collettività, con un approccio dinamico e moderno al mercato.

The Founder & CEO

Gianmaria Mezzalira

“We work to improve people's lives, giving value to their projects through dynamic spaces and environments in line with a contemporary lifestyle, at home and at work. We place the customer at the center of our world, offering a complete product range and integrated together with a tailor-made service that accompanies it from the very first phase of planning to the after sales assistance. We aim at technological innovation, to add new content to a product that remains of an artisan matrix in its conception and development. Finally, we combine passion and competence, technical specialization and creativity with a unique design: to bring Italian know-how everywhere in the world.”