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Jesse and Sitland together at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano 2019

In the transition from night to day, there is a brief moment before sunrise when the sun's most intimate colours are reflected in the atmosphere: the dawn breaks the darkness of night and warms the sky with its golden and crimson light.

20 march 2019


Naturalis Historia - La natura multiforme della luce

The Rotaliana stand for Euroluce 2019 made by Giovanni Lauda consists in a large botanical greenhouse inside which the visitor can observe the nature of light – an elusive, multiform nature, continuously evolving, like the animal or plant species in a phylogenetic tree.

15 march 2019


Workplace Expo Paris

From April 16th to 18th Sinetica and Sitland will be present at Workplace Expo Paris, the main French event dedicated to office furniture.

11 march 2019


Mezzalira Investment Group Spa grows thanks to the acquisition of Sitland Spa.

MIG announces the acquisition of Sitland, the Italian leading company of design seating. The integration with the other companies of the Group allows MIG to expand its possibilities to break worldwide into the furniture market.

21 june 2019