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Jesse and Sitland together at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano 2019


In the transition from night to day, there is a brief moment before sunrise when the sun's most intimate colours are reflected in the atmosphere: the dawn breaks the darkness of night and warms the sky with its golden and crimson light.

The Jesse – Sitland stand has been inspired by the contrast between these two moments with their very different colours: colour and tactile contrasts are created with a selection of elegant and sophisticated materials and colours, which are never ordinary, thus making the boundaries between the home, the hospitality sector and public spaces even less noticeable. In this same space, two important company traditions are brought together, once far apart but now very close. Together Jesse and Sitland represent a new vision for living spaces and the contract sector, combining private with public contexts. Visitors are made welcome at an exhibition space that encompasses new products by Jesse and Sitland and the Group's vision: the space offers plenty of values and emotions, with no barriers in terms of categories or contexts, from the office to the contract sector and the home.

A public space can be found right in the middle, where visitors can experience a moment of relaxation and privacy, of conviviality and sharing. This point leads to four other areas, where everyone can find their ideal living context featuring a single common theme: the style of Jesse and Sitland.

All the products presented have a strong personality like the territory they come from: steeped in history and culture, success stories and renowned products. Every detail and every choice of colour and material express Italian taste and style. Here, we can find not only a tradition of savoir-faire but also of the beauty and elegance that have always represented Italy and the Veneto region in the world.

Salone Internazionale del Mobile
9/14 April 2019
Milan, Italy

#Salone del Mobile