Naturalis Historia - La natura multiforme della luce


The Rotaliana stand for Euroluce 2019 made by Giovanni Lauda consists in a large botanical greenhouse inside which the visitor can observe the nature of light – an elusive, multiform nature, continuously evolving, like the animal or plant species in a phylogenetic tree.

Mysterious and rational, spectacular and functional.

Light held inside microarchitectures such as the cupola of Febo and the Ciminiere d’Italia.
Light caught inside the Chiardiluna bottles together with small field animals.
Light screened by the pleated metal lampshades of Dresscode.
Light diffused by glass similar to rice paper in Glass Flow.
Light integrated inside the spatial structures of Squiggle and Lightwire.
Light hidden inside shapes inspired by nature, such as the sound-absorbent leaves of Eden or the metal fruits of the Pomi. Natural light replicated by String DTW and by the sophisticated technology of the Smart+ lamp.

9-14 April 2019
Milan, Italia
STAND B07 – B11 // HALL 13

#Euroluce Milan