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Sitland and Sacemi, two models of product innovation in comparison


Sitland produces office chairs, Sacemi is specialized in the production of electric pumps and electric motors. The former is based in Nanto, in the Vicenza area, the latter in the Venice area, in Noventa di Piave.

Two different companies - very different, in fact, by sector and size - both part of the Mezzalira Investment Group (53 million euro turnover and 400 employees) and have chosen a common path: in recent days the two companies have completed a training project carried out by Niuko Innovation & Knowledge - Risorse in Crescita and financed by the Veneto Region through POR FSE 2014-2020 funds (DGR 1311 of 10/09/18 - Protagonists of change - with Regimi d'aiuto).

A path that has been an opportunity to learn and at the same time to exchange experiences between the two realities. Flanked by the consultant Niuko Maurizio Scabbia, some key figures in the R&D, production and IT areas explored the theme of product innovation in a new way, through a mix of corporate and inter-company interventions, working on the themes of open innovation and the product development process.

For Sitland the path was an opportunity to "design" a disruptive product innovation to be included in the 2021 catalogue, while at Sacemi we worked mainly on the need to rethink processes and project management.

"Mezzalira Investment Group was set up with the aim of creating an entrepreneurial centre of excellence in the Made in Italy industry. With this project, our Group has shown how important synergy between companies is. - Says Gianmaria Mezzalira, founder and president of Mezzalira Investment Group - It is precisely the comparison and exchange of know-how, also and above all between companies in different sectors, that can give life to innovative projects and overcome the challenges of the market".

Started in 2019, the training project also offered valuable tools to tackle the lockdown phase: "In the face of the emergency - explains Alberto Foscarini, Sitland engineering manager - we promptly converted part of our production to the production of masks for a short period, but at the same time we immediately took steps to rethink our products, launching new ranges of colours more suitable for the "home office" and the new demand from smart workers". And that's not all: the "modular" architecture on which Sitland has built its product innovation strategy has proved effective in allowing the company to move quickly.

"The comparison with a more structured company like Sitland - continues Genj Antonio Barban, General Manager of Sacemi - proved very useful because we were able to compare ourselves with the product innovation processes of a different reality and improve our processes. With the emergency we found ourselves facing a situation of strong unpredictability of orders, also linked to the evolution of the epidemic and the alternation of closures and reopenings in the countries where our customers operate: moments of stagnation alternated peaks with orders to be processed in a very short time and this led us to have to review our stocks and make our process more and more flexible".